Window Blind Cleaning

Venetian Blinds are very hard to clean. If you try to wipe them in place they can bend and be damaged permanentlyClearVue Professional Window Cleaning uses a professional blind cleaning system that cleans your venetian blinds leaving them spotless without any damage to them. The venetian blinds are removed from the windows by our professional technicians and taken outside to our mobile cleaning unit called The Blind Maid professional cleaning system. The technicians hang the blinds on The Blind Maid cleaning unit. The blinds are then washed on the unit with soapy water and a degreasing agent and then cleaned with a special brush made out of horse tail hair. The blinds are then rinsed and hung on a special rack made for venetian blinds which allows the blinds to dry very quickly and without water spots; it also pulls the static electricity out of the blinds so they tend not to attract dust as quickly. When dry, the blinds are replaced in the windows.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide services for commercial buildings and offices?

A. Yes! In addition to residential service, we can clean blinds used in commercial or industrial locations.


Q. What kind of chemicals do you use to clean the blinds?

A. We a biodegradable soap with a degreasing agent. This leaves you with sparkling clean blinds that you will thoroughly enjoy. Not only will they look clean they will also smell fresh. We then reinstall the blinds back to their proper windows.

Q. Does the cleaning method make a mess?

A. The process is very clean and efficient. Your home or office will not be affected because the work is all done outside.

Q. Is the cleaning really performed at my home or office?

A. Our blind cleaning service can now be done onsite at your location. Utilizing our mobile professional blind cleaning unit called “The Blind Maid” cleaning system our technicians carefully remove the blinds from your home or office windows and transport them outside onsite where all the blind cleaning is done. 

  •  2”Wood - If the blind is real wood, or a product that contains a real wood component we cannot get those wet, so they are cleaned in-place. Depending on how dirty they are, we may vacuum wood blinds first, and then we wipe down each slat, one at a time, by hand. We will clean them and polish them as well.
  • Vertical Blinds - We only clean vertical blinds in-place since the brackets that hold them up are so susceptible to breakage. We wipe down one slat at a time with cleaning solution and a damp towel.
  • 4. Fabric Blinds - We do not clean any type of fabric blind, at this time but we are looking into that for the near future.


    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Our certified technicians are knowledgeable, friendly and fast and professional! We know what we are doing!

    • Ask about our specials when you combine window blind cleaning with window cleaning and/or any of our other services!