Before hiring a window cleaning company, The International Window Cleaning Association recommends that you ask your window cleaning professional these 5 questions:


1. Insurance: Is your window cleaner properly insured with both workers compensation and general liability coverage?

Our Answer: ClearVue Window Cleaning carries Workers Compensation on all technicians and a minimum of 1 million dollars of General Liability coverage.

2. Experience: Does your window cleaner have the experience to effectively and efficiently complete your job on time?

Our Answer: We have a team of professionals that will be efficient and through. Our customer area covers all of Southern New Mexico and West Texas and we have over 1000 customers. We belong to professional organizations and strive to be cutting edge on the products and techniques we use to do the best job.

3. Safety: Has your window cleaner been properly trained in safe practices?

Our Answer: ClearVue Professional Window Cleaning, LLC window cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained to adhere to our safety protocol mandates.

4. Education: Is your window cleaner knowledgeable about proper cleaning methods and glass quality issues?

Our Answer: ClearVue Professional Window Cleaning service technicians are always taught the latest methods in order to do a better job. This not only gives them the chance to continue their training, but also gives our trainers the chance to introduce new tools and methods for cleaning advanced window coatings and films. Our technicians are trained and educated in all aspects of proper window cleaning methods and glass quality such as scratch prevention, water spot prevention & restoration services just to name a few.

5. Professionalism: Does your window cleaner represent him or herself in a professional manner, making sure that you can take pride in the quality service provided to your home or business?

Our Answer: ClearVue crew members wear uniforms and arrive in clean, professional vehicles marked clearly with our logo. All of our employees go through extensive background checks before arriving at your home. We will only enter your home wearing shoe covers, to protect your floor/carpet. Our technicians are trained and educated and only use the best available tools and chemicals.

Join our thousands of customers who have us take care of this tiresome duty of cleaning windows for your home or business.